Write gear for essays

Write gear for essays

Reading books has become the write gear for essays because when we read, we open up our minds to ideas that we never knew of their existence. Reading enables a person to have broad thinking about the concept that they have read hence, triggering the need for them to express what they have learned either through writing or by talking about it to other people. For instance, you have noticed that in book clubs, some people tend to be more dominant in explaining what they have learned from the book as compared to other. This is an indication of how much power the reading has added in their minds.

Reading has to be the most common gear for students because all they do is read and sit for tests. Therefore, if a student is open-minded about reading, then they stand a higher chance of writing good quality essays and answering questions perfectly during the exams. This is also expressed in prisons whereby individuals have less thing activities to do. As a result, they tend to occupy their mind by reading books as a way of stimulating their thinking capacity. Therefore, in any given setting, reading is a gear of motivating the mind to express thoughts in a better manner.

The reading gear for students helps in keeping their mind alert because some of the concepts that they read require them to think a lot for them to be able to comprehend them. At other times, the reading requires the student to carry out further research about the topic in order to be able to explain what they have read either in a written or oral form. Speaking is a great way through which a person presents the thoughts in the minds in a similar way as they would have done it by writing.


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